European Shooting Confederation The organization of the European Shooting Championships was decided at the Congress of The International Shooting Union held in Helsinki in 1952 European Shooting Confederation Tue, 08 Aug 17 00:00:00 +0300 en-en 6 SHOOTERS FORM PART OF THE NEW ESC ATHLETES COMMITTEE The new ESC Athletes Committee has been formed. As a result of the nomination procedure and elections during the European Championship in Baku it is composed of 6 athletes - 2 representatives of Shotgun, 2 representative of Pistol and 2 representatives of Rifle. Gender equality in each of the disciplines has been respected. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Emil Martinsson corrected his mistake and won gold in 50m Running Target Mixed The last day in the city of wind and fire, Baku Azerbaijan. Last competition 50m Running Target Men and Men junior. Weather as beautiful as earlier, the wind was minimum when entered from bus to the Baku Shooting Centre. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 The European Championships were officially closed in Baku – next time in Györ, Hungary The Closing Ceremony of 2017 Baku European Championships was organized just right after the awarding ceremony. ESC Presidium member Wilhelm Grill thanked the Organising Committee of Baku, Competition Director Emin Jafarov and all volunteers. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 France is best in Skeet Mixed Teams Competition Twenty mixed teams competed from the European Championship in Baku in the last shotgun event. The weather was probably warmest during the competition week. The Qualification competed in the morning and under the afternoon burning sun were the semi-finals and finally medal matches. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Austrian Bernard Pickl won gold with better number of inner tens before Finnish Juho Kurki European Championships in rifle events finished with the 300 m Standard Rifle Men Competition. You could already see and feel a long week of competing in challenging conditions on the faces of athletes. The weather was not today as hot and windy as yesterday, or it felt so. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Denmark climbed up to the top of Skeet World with Birklykke’s World Record The Skeet Junior Men finished with new World and European Record made by Danish Johan Birklykke. Birklykke’s performance was amazing. He started strongly by making clear hits. Only when he was shot 12 stages he missed once. He missed totally only five clays in the very difficult conditions. Birklykke beat Italian Elia Sdruccioli finally by two clays Birklykke’s World Record result is now 55 in the finals, Sdruccioli 55. The Bronze Medal travelled also to Denmark with Emil Petersen with result of 42. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Turkish Yusuf Dikec climbed to the highest podium at the awarding of the 25 Center Fire Pistol Monday, the last day of July woke up as windy or even windier as yesterday. Flags were flying straight in the wind. Inside the main building you did not have any idea of the wind, but when going out you had to take care of your cap. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 French Alexis Raynard reclaims the in 300m 3 Positions Men competition The wind blew in the rifle range with the same speed as before. That didn’t surprise the athletes. But when looking the result list there were familiar names who have been shooting long time in all kind of conditions. The winner was this time Alexis Raynaud from France. His kneeling was 391, prone 395 and standing 381, total winning result 1167. Silver medal winner was Hungarian Istvan Peni who beat his team mate Peter Sidi with two points. The silver medal result of Istavn Peni was 1163. Yesterday winner Jan Lochbihler (1158) was finally fourth. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Russian Anton Stakhov leads the Skeet Men after 75 clays Men and Men junior skeet shooters started their own competition today with 75 clays. In the lead of 75 clays Anton Astakhov from Russian Federation. He missed only one clay(74/75) in challenging conditions. Stefan Nilsson from Sweden and Hakon Svavarsson from Iceland hit 73 clays. The same amount of hit made also three other athletes: Dimitris Konstantiinou (CYP), Cabriele Rosetti(ITA) and Milos Slavicek (CZE). 72 clays broken six athletes. In the team competition Russian Federation (218) keeps to top place with the difference of three clays before France(215) and Italy (215)The competition continues tomorrow morning. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Italy ruled the Skeet Women Team competition Monday’s last competition was the Skeet Women Team Competition. After the quarter and semi-finals Italy and Ukraine had solved their road to the Gold Match, Cyprus and Poland to the Bronze Match. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Gambling with the wind in 300m shooting Sunday morning 30th of June woke up as usual sunny but very windy. The wind is strongest during this week and it blows from the north and suits perfectly to the shooting ranges. It is probably the most difficult direction here in Baku, if believing Rajmond Debevec and I believe. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Pavlo Korostylov through the difficulties to World Record in 25m Standard Pistol Men The wind didn’t disturb the pistol shooters so badly as the 300m rifle shooters, but they had also exciting moments with wind anyway. The 25m Standard Pistol Champion Ukrainian Pavlo Korostylov won and shot a new World and European Record which is now 581. He won the silver medallist German Christian Reitz (574)with seven points. The bronze medal winner was Russian Alexei Klimov(573). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Women fought against the wind in 300m Rifle Women 3 Positions competition as well It was nearly same kind of gambling with wind in Women’s 3 position competition as in 300m Rifle Men Prone competition. The difference was that there was warmer as in men’s competition while sun was already high in the sky. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 One new world record and 16 clays shoot off in Skeet events Sunday’s last two shotgun events were Skeet Women Junior and Skeet Women competitions. After a long and hot, windy day the athletes came last time together to the finals. The wind blew as rough as in the morning but didn’t look to disturb the Women Juniors. Greek Artemis Kaefalidou showed her skill by winning the European Championship with final result 46 which is a new World and European Record. She beat Russian Elena Bukhonova by 3 clays. Third was Italian Francesca Del Prete with result of 35 clays. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Sweden 300m Women Rifle shooters cleaned nearly the whole award table The title tells nearly all what happened in 300m Rifle Prone competition, but still the all. Anyway Sweden women shooters started their job on 300m rifle shooting in very strong way. Elin Åhlin was the best, Anna Normann third and Marie Enqvist fourth. Sweden won of course the team competition. The only who break the total triumph of Sweden was Austrian Olivia Hofmann by winning silver. But it was not an easy job! Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Superior win and great emotions at 25m Pistol Men Junior “This was very hard and exciting competition for me. I was ever so excited; hearth was nearly jump out from my body. A lot of pressure. When the competition was over and I recognized that I won the European Championship I couldn’t stop my tears falling down. That moment was so full of emotion so much”, described the new European Champion Ernests Erbs. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Monika Karsch entered step by step to the European Championship 25m Pistol Women Final was triumph of Monika Karsch. In the Qualification she was seventh but it didn’t disturb her at all. She was qualified into the Finals. The best of the Qualification was Olympic Gold winner Anna Korakaki (GRE) with the result of 587(292+295). Karsch shot 582 (287+295). The other athletes who achieved the place for finals were Marta Grozdeva (BUL-585), Antoaneta Boneva (BUL-585), Zorana Arunovic (SRB-585), Klaudia Bres (POL- 585), Heidi Diethelm Gerber (SUI-584) and Sylvia Steiner (AUT-582). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Tiny and slight Miroslava Mincheva was strongest in 25m Pistol Women Junior In 25m Pistol Women Junior Bulgarian Miroslava Mincheva was probably the slightest but finally the strongest in the final. She beat Czech Anna Dedova with result 33-30. Gold for Mincheva, silver to Dedova. The bronze won Hungarian Veronika Major (25), who also shoots Running Target. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Tears of joy were seen after the Youth Olympic Games Qualifications During the seventh competition day it was competed also the 10m Air Rifle Women Youth (YOG) Qualifications in Air Rifle and Air Pistol. The YOG will be organised next summer in Argentina and Europe has six quotas in Junior Women and Junior Men per event. Into the rifle competition participated 34 young athletes. From the Qualification the place for the Finals solved Anna Janssen (420.6-GER), Johanna Tripp (415.0 GER), Viivi Kemppi(414.9 -FIN), Marija Kolarevic (414.8-SRB), Tatiana Kharkova (413.4 – RUS), Polina Bolotkova (413.4 – RUS) and Viktoria Hurai (413.2 – HUN). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Italy dominated in the Trap Mixed Team Competition Last competition under the burning sun on Friday was the Trap Mixed Team Competition. 25 five teams participated to this competition which has the official title of European Championship. The team consists of two persons – female and male. Country can send max two team to the competition. After the qualification the competition continues like cup where are quarter and semi finals and finally Bronze Match and Gold Match. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Second Gold medal to McIntosh family McIntosh family may be the happiest shooting family at moment while the younger sister Seonaid McIntosh won the European Champions title and gold medal for their family in Baku today. Seonaid’s older sister Jennifer won gold medal also a couple days before in 50m Rifle Prone Women. Today was Seonaid’s Triumph in 50m Rifle 3 Position Competition. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Finnish Vili Kopra for Gold in Trap Junior with new Juniors World Record The Eyes of the Finnish were today brighter than until before. And the reason was of course Vili Kopra who won his first European Championship and the team got silver in team competition. Vili’s victory was nearly superior while won gold with the difference of six clays before Italian Teo Petroni. The Qualification winner, Italian Emanuele Buccolieri got bronze. Vili Kopra made a new World and European Record in Final which is now 41 clays. Petroni hit 35 clays and Buccolieri 28. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Shcherbatsevich won his second gold Today it was turn of the Rifle 3 Position Men Competition. In the Qualification the best was Belarussian Yury Shcherbatsevich (1165). Others who solved from the Qualification their place were following athletes: Croatian Petar Gorsa (1158), Bulgarian Anton Rizov (1157), Austrian Alexander Schirl (1157), Hungarian Istvan Peni (1157). Norwegian Odd Arne Brekne(1156), Ukrainian Serhiy Kulish and Finnish Juho Kurki (1154). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Trap Men & Men Junior. Day 1. The Trap Men and Men Juniors started their game today 26th July. The weather was as nice as it has been all the time: temperature only 28-29C but the wind is as strong as it has been all time, probably even stronger. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 New team competition in Trap Women was a super success The ESC has taken seriously the IOC 2020 programme and wants to be forerunner in developing shooting sport more exciting and more attractive where the spectators and also athletes feel the real sports spirit and where they can feel the feeling of three musketeers; one for each, each for one. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Nepejchal's triumph in Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior The Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior Competition was a great Triumph of Filip Nepejchal. His beginning was very difficult. After the Kneeling he was only on the 6th place. At prone he did not look going well at all while he dropped to 7th place at final. But when the last position (standing) started he started to turn also in different direction. Slowly but surely he was acting like a hunting puma who has seen an antelope. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Sukhanov won gold in 25m rapid fire pistol men The 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men was duel of two excellent pistol shooter: Russian Nikita Sukhanov and Estonian Peeter Olesk. In the final these two stepped nearly with the same hits. If the other managed to make 5 hits, so did the other. If other missed one more than the other, in next serie he corrected it immediately. Finally Sukhanov was sharper (5 hits) and took the win. When asking his shooting he only said that he was lucky and succeeded a little better than Olesk (2 hits). Sukhanov won Olesk at the final 33-30. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Women Trap ended to the Victory dance of Arianna Perilli in Baku The Women Trap was an excellent competition with excellent athletes. The athletes made a good show which finally finished to the shoot off between Arianna Perilli from San Marino and Russian Ekaterina Rabaya when shooting both 37 hits. Finally Arianna Perilli managed to one more clay and won Rabaya 4-3 in shoot off. The Bronze medal travelled to Finland with Bejing Olympic Gold medallist Satu Mäkelä Nummela. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 THE 2017 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP IS UNDER WAY The 2017 European Championship in Baku has started with 939 participants from 43 countries. 1373 starts are expected not counting the gender Mixed Team events in Trap, Skeet and 300m shooting. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 VLADIMIR LISIN REELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN SHOOTING CONFEDERATION Vladimir Lisin from Russia has been reelected President of the European Shooting Confederation for the third consecutive term. It happened during the XXVI Ordinary ESC General Assembly that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, during the weekend. Delegates from 45 Member Federations of 41 European countries participated in the biannual meeting of the Confederation. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 THE 2017 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN BAKU WILL BE ON TV! The 2017 European Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan, will be broadcasted by TV. All necessary arrangements by the National TV of Azerbaijan, the European Broadcasting Union and the European Shooting Confederation have been done. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 IM MEMORIAM: GIANPIERO ARMANI The sad news came from Italy on June 6, 2017: Gianpiero Armani, Honorary President of the European Shooting Confederation, passed away at the age of 84. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 The ESC President thanked all the Member Federations that took part in the ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly in Munich on June 25, 2017 for their support of the Olympic future of Shooting Mr. Vladimir Lisin, President of the European Shooting Confederation, has sent a letter of gratitude to the ESC Member Federations that took part in the ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly in Munich on June 25, 2017. It says: Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Franck Kiefer ruled the 25m Standard Pistol in Lapua European Cup Finland The French Frank Kiefer won the gold on the last day of Lapua European Cup 25m Standard Pistol Competition. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 French Sauveplane and Swiss Schnider dominated on the first day of Lapua European Cup 300m in Finland The second round of the Lapua 25m and 300m European Cup competitions were organized on 15-18th June in Hälvälä Shooting Centre in Finland in good weather condition. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 2017 Lapua European Cup 300m, Lahti, Finland - rest of the day 2 The Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol started on Saturday 17th June. The only event on Saturday was Center Fire Pistol. The winner of Center Fire Pistol came from Estonia, it was 24 years old Peeter Olesk. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 THE ESC PRESIDENT WELCOMES THE IOC EXECUTIVE BOARD DECISION TO KEEP 15 SHOOTING EVENTS IN THE PROGRAMME FOR THE 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES IN TOKYO Mr. Vladimir Lisin, President of the European Shooting Confederation and the Russian Shooting Union, has issued a statement on the IOC Executive Board decision to approve the event programme for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 ATHLETES FROM CYPRUS, LUXEMBOURG AND MALTA COMPLETE THE WINNERS' LIST IN SAN MARINO The XVII Games of the Small States of Europe are over and the last sets of medals in shooting have found their owners. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 XVII GAMES OF THE SMALL STATES OF EUROPE: SHOOTING COMPETITIONS DETERMINE THE FIRST WINNERS Asgeir Sigurgeirsson from Iceland won the first gold medal of the shooting competitions winning the 10m Air Pistol Men with a score of 231.1 points. The runner-up in this event was Joe Dondelinger from Luxembourg. Boris Jeremenko from Monaco finished on the third place. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 SHOOTING IS PART OF THE 2019 EUROPEAN GAMES IN MINSK Shooting has been confirmed as part of the sports program of the 2nd European Games that will take place in Minsk, Belarus, in the end of June 2019. The basic participation agreement has been signed by the European Olympic Committees and the European Shooting Confederation. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 SIUS European Youth League – 2017 North Region Qualification Successful young athletes from Latvia, Poland, Norway and Sweden won the desirable tickets to the European Final in October. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 TREMENDOUS RESULTS OF THE ESC AIR CUP FIRST SEASON The first season of the ESC Air Cup - competitions among individual shooters in Air Pistol and Air Rifle that started in October of 2016 - has come to the end. 244 shooters from ten European countries took part in it. The competitions were very tight. In all four events only several points separated the top three placed athletes. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 VLADIMIR LISIN AND THOMAS BACH DISCUSS THE OLYMPIC SHOOTING PROGRAM Mr. Vladimir Lisin, President of the European Shooting Confederation and Vice-President of the International Shooting Sport Federation, and Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, have recently held discussions concerning the Olympic shooting program. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 THE ESC PRESIDENT SENDS A LETTER OF SUPPORT TO THE ISSF RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE 2020 OLYMPIC SHOOTING PROGRAM Mr. Vladimir Lisin, President of the European Shooting Confederation, has sent a circular letter to the ESC Member Federations expressing support to the ISSF recommendations on the 2020 Olympic Shooting Program. The letter says: Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 THE ESC AND SIUS EXTEND PARTNERSHIP UNTIL 2025 The European Shooting Confederation and SIUS AG extended partnership that started in 1995. The new sponsorship Agreement has been approved by the ESC Presidium during its meeting in Maribor on March 7th, 2017. This Agreement replaces the earlier one from February 25th, 2013, and is valid till December 31st, 2025. Moreover, if not replaced before the ESC General Assembly of 2025, it will be automatically prolonged until December 31st, 2029. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Zorana Arunovic did what she had planned to do in the Air Pistol Women event Air Pistol Women European Champion title was won by Zorana Arunovic from Serbia, silver medal goes to Olena Kostevych from Ukraine and bronze – to Sonia Franquet from Spain. European Champion also achieved the new World and European record. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Maslennikov – strong performance brought gold The Air Rifle was the last individual competition for men that competed in 10m ECH in Hotel Habakuk in Maribor. There were 67 athletes who participated into the Qualification competition. Vladimir Maslennikov won the qualification. His shooting was superior for sure. After the first 5 shots he took the top place and did not give it up. His winning result was 247.7 which is new World and European Record. He won with the difference of 2.8 point Ukrainian Oleh Tsarkov. The bronze medal winner was Alexis Raynaud from France who passed Italian Giuseppe Pio Capano during the 18th shot and won bronze medal with the difference 0.1 point before Capano who was finally fourth. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Serbia won the Pistol Mixed event The ESC created a new event which is Mixed Team Air Pistol and Mixed Team Air Rifle. Both matches have now been official events of the European Champion. The teams consist of female and male athletes. In the finals athletes shoot single shots and the team whose results counted together wins a point. The winner team is that team who reaches first five points. Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Christian Reitz made a small surprise by winning gold in Air Pistol Men European Championship 10m continued with a lovely weather in Maribor. Yesterday all the Juniors event were successfully competed, and now it was the turn of Men and Women events. The first two events, where Finals and medal matches were to be competed, were 10m Air Pistol Men, 10m Air Rifle Women and Running Target Men (30+30) and Women (20+20). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300 Czapla returned to gold In Running Target 30+30 Men Competition Lukasz Czapla (POL) returned to gold. After the Qualification Czapla was on the third position after Shchepotkin (RUS) and Swedish Jesper Nyberg, the fourth was Vladislav Prianishnikov (RUS). Thu, 01 Jan 70 03:00:00 +0300