300m Lapua European Cup Eskilstuna is postponed

19 March 2021 — Views: 547

300m Lapua European Cup Eskilstuna is postponed

Statement of Mr. Konrad Jäggi, Chairman of the ESC 300m Sub-Committee.

Dear Friends,

Unfortunately the pandemic has us under control again this year.

The organizer of the European Cup in Eskilstuna, Sweden, cannot hold the competition at the scheduled time (May 12-16) due to this pandemic.

Should the situation stabilize over time, the organizer could organize the European Cup in Eskilstuna from July 7th to 11th. Another date cannot be offered for organizational reasons.

We hope that the situation in Europe will improve and that the planned competitions can also be held.

Konrad Jäggi
ESC 300m Sub-Committee

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