Danka Bartekova won qualification of skeet women

25 June 2014 — Views: 478

Danka Bartekova won qualification of skeet women

The qualification of skeet women finished with the lead of Danka Bartekova (SVK) (25+24+24).

She won the qualification with one target difference before Russian Albina Sharikova (23+25+24), the third was Veronique Giradet with the result of 71 (23+24+24). She was the last who solved her road directly to finals. From the last place for finals there are five women competing in shoot off: Panagiota Andreou (CYP), Christine Wenzel (GER), Chiara Caneiro (ITA), Monika Stibrava (SVK) and Therese Lundqvist (SWE), they all shot 70 targets.

The gold of skeet women competition won team of Slovakia with the result of 208, just one target more than Italy (207). The winner of bronze medal was Great Britain (204). Slovakian team consisted of Danka Bartekova (73), Monika Stibrava (70) and Andrea Strankovska (65).

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