Eleven candidates nominated for the Athletes Committee

19 May 2021 — Views: 863

Eleven candidates nominated for the Athletes Committee

Following the invitation of the Member Federations to nominate candidates to the Athletes Committee done on March 29, 2021, the ESC Secretariat has received eleven nominations.

Among the candidates are Bernhard Pickl (Austria), Viktoria Chaika (Belarus), Anton Glasnović (Croatia), David Kostelecký (Czech Republic), Elena Allen (Great Britain), Zsófia Csonka (Hungary), Maria Stanco (Italy), Sanja Vukašinović (Serbia), Yusuf Dikeç (Turkey), Artem Chernousov (Russia), and Olena Kostevich (Ukraine).

The list of candidates and the CV of each of them can be found here.

The ESC Athletes Committee should be composed of seven members. Guidelines for the ESC Athletes Committee can be found here.

Elections will be held in Osijek, Croatia, by the participants of the 2021 European Championship 10/25/50/300m/Shotgun.

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