Russian Yulia Zykova joins the gold club

27 June 2019 — Views: 754

Russian Yulia Zykova joins the gold club

Wednesday finished with a heavy rain in the evening. Fortunately all shooting events had been done and athletes saved from the rain. When morning arose the weather had changed dramatically. No rain, but quite rough wind and the temperature had sunk down nearly by +20C, but it felt cooler. The wind made shooting more challenging, but also more interesting when you have to find calmer moment to shoot.

Considering the weather condition (wind) the best result of the qualification, 1174 (392, 395,387) which Jolyn Beer from Germany made was excellent. The second in qualification was Serbian Sanja Vukasinnovic (1168), third was Czech Nikola Mazurova with same result but she lost in inner tens (57 - 54). Russian Federation received two places to the finals, Polina Khorosheva (1166) and Yulia Zykova (1165). British Seonaid McIntosh (1163), Jenny Stene (NOR -1162) and Austrian Franziska Peer (1161) were the last three who received the place for finals.

The final conditions are something else than the qualification while the finals nowadays will be competed inside (in special final hall) and the conditions are equal for everybody. The qualification winner Beer didn’t unfortunately get in the right mood at all and she was the first who dropped out from the final.

After the kneeling Seonaid McIntosh took the lead, but only 0.1point before Zykova and Vukasinovic. When prone had been shot Serbian Vukasinovic was in the lead. The last position started the triumph of Yulia Zykova too and continued into end of the final. The victory result was 459.6. She was quite superior while she won silver medalist Czech Nikola Mazurova with the difference of 5.7 points. Bronze medal winner was Zykova’s team mate Polina Khorosheva with result 444.0. Fourth was Serbian Sanja Vukasinovic, who received also the quota for Tokyo 2020.


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Risto Aarrekivi

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