Skeet Competitions Started in Suhl

06 August 2013 — Views: 388

In the Skeet Men Qualification the Norwegian Tore Brovold is the only one who has hit all the 50 clays. There are 10 athletes who have hit 49 clays.

In the team competition Finland is leading with result of 146 points, Norway having 145 points and Cyprus – 144 points. 

In the Qualification of Skeet Women the German Christine Wenzel is leading with 47 clays, but there are also four other athletes with the same result and six athletes with 46 clays.

In the team competition Italy is leading with the result of 138 points. Slovakia has 136 points and Great Britain – 134 points.

In Men Junior the Italian Tammaro Cassandro hit all the 50 clays and in Women Junior the Russian Natalia Vinogradova is leading with the result of 46 points. 

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