Thursday was Swiss Day in Aarhus

17 May 2019 — Views: 438

Thursday was Swiss Day in Aarhus

Switzerland took revenge in Lapua European Cup Rifle 300m 3x40 team event – Silvia Guignard best in Rifle 300m 3x 40 Women.

The Lapua European Cup Rifle 300m continued in Denmark. On Thursday was the place for Rifle 300m 3x40 Men teams and women´s individual competitions. Team Switzerland made an excellent revenge yesterday in Aarhus Denmark where the Lapua European Cup 300m Rifle takes place. Swiss team won the team event before Finland who was best in day before in Standard Rifle Team event. Swiss result was 3500, when Finland received 3474. Slovenia was third with 3409 result. The Swiss team consisted of Gilles Dufaux (1181), Sandro Greuter (1166) and Rafael Bereuter (1153).

Thursday was really a Swiss day while Swiss Silvia Guignard also took a brilliant victory in Rifle 300m 3 x 40 event. Guinard won Elin Åhlin (SWE) with the difference of five points, Guinard´s victory result was 1174 (390+398+386) and Åhlin shot 1169 (391+395+383). Norwegian Jenny Vatne was third with result 1156 (389+390+377).

Results can be found here.


Risto Aarrekivi

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