Ukraine dominated in the Air Pistol Men

05 March 2014 — Views: 412

Ukraine dominated in the Air Pistol Men

The both, team and individual, gold medals of Air Pistol Men travelled to Ukraine. After the very exciting moments there could be said that the new European Champion is Oleh Omelchuk from Ukraine. He was also the best in the qualification (584). In the final he competed very hard with Byelorussian Vitali Kudzi. Kudzi and Omelchuk kept the lead position both. When three shots were left, the lead of Omelchuk was only 0,1 point, but then Kudzi shot 9,4 and 9,5 when Omelchuk shot 10,4 and 9,8.

The winning result of Oleh Omelchuk was 200,7. Kudzi’s result was 199,3. Behind these two was also an exciting battle for Bronze. The repeated medallist Jaoa Costa from Portugal rose after a difficult start to bronze with the result 158,8.

The team championship travel also to Ukraine, who won it with result 1735. Only two points behind was Italy (1733)  who also won silver with two points difference before Belarus (1731). The team consisted of Oleh Omelchuk (584), Viktor Bankin (577) and Denys Kushnirov (574).

Please have the results for Air Pistol Men and Air Pistol Men Team.

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