26 January 2016 THE OLYMPIC YEAR IS ON THE WAY Less than a month is left till the opening of the first major competitions for the ESC – the 2016 European Championship 10m in Györ, Hungary. This tournament attracts a lot of interest among athletes, officials and audience. First of all, because 12 Olympic Quota Places for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro – three in each of the four Olympic events – will be contested there besides the Championship's medals and the titles. Secondly, because for the first time in the history of the European Championships the Mixed Team Events – with each team composed by one man and one woman from the same nation – will be a part of the official program. Read more
European shooting federations
  • ALB - ALBANIA Albanian Shooting Sport Federation Federation Albanaise de Tir
  • ARM - ARMENIA Armenian Shooting Federation
  • AUT - AUSTRIA Austrian Shooting Sport Federation
  • AUT - AUSTRIA Austria Shooting Fed. Clay Target and Combined - Austria Sportsch. Fachverb. Wurfsch.u.Kombination
  • AZE - AZERBAIJAN Shooting Federation of Azerbaijani Republic
  • BEL - BELGIUM Royal Belgian Shooting Sport Federation
  • BEL - BELGIUM Belgian Clay Shooting Federation - Federation Belge de Tir aux Clays
  • BIH - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Shooting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BLR - BELARUS Belarusian Shooting Sport Federation
  • BUL - BULGARIA Bulgarian Shooting Union
  • BUL - BULGARIA Bulgarian Trap and Skeet Federation
  • CRO - CROATIA Croatian Shooting Federation
  • CYP - CYPRUS Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation
  • CZE - CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Shooting Federation
  • DEN - DENMARK Danish Shooting Union - Dansk Skytte Union
  • ESP - SPAIN Royal Spanish Shooting Federation - Real Federacion Espanola de Tiro Olimpico
  • EST - ESTONIA Estonian Shooting Sport Federation
  • FIN - FINLAND Finnish Shooting Sport Federation - Suomen Ampumaurheiluliitto
  • FRA - FRANCE French Shooting Federation - Federation Francaise de Tir
  • GBR - GREAT BRITAIN British Shooting Limited
  • GEO - GEORGIA Georgian National Shooting Federation
  • GER - GERMANY German Shooting Sport Federation - Deutscher Sch
  • GRE - GREECE Hellenic Shooting Federation
  • HUN - HUNGARY Hungarian Shooting Federation - Magyar Sportl
  • IRL - IRELAND National Target Shooting Association of Ireland
  • ISL - ICELAND Icelandic Shooting Sports Federation - Skotiprottasamband Islands - STI
  • ISR - ISRAEL Israel Shooting Federation
  • ITA - ITALY Italian Shooting Union - Unione Italiana di Tiro a Segno
  • ITA - ITALY Federazione Italiana Tiro a Volo
  • LAT - LATVIA Latvian Shooting Federation
  • LIE - LIECHTENSTEIN Liechtenstein Shooting Association - Verband Liechtensteiner Sch
  • LTU - LITHUANIA Lithuanian Shooting Sport Union
  • MDA - REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA Shooting Federation of the Republic of Moldova
  • MKD - THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Macedonian Sport Shooting Federation - Makedonska Sportska Strelacka Federacija
  • MLT - MALTA Malta Shooting Sport Federation
  • MNE - MONTENEGRO Shooting Federation of Montenegro - Streljacki Savez Crne Gore
  • MON - MONACO Monaco Shooting Federation - Federation Monegasque de Tir
  • NED - NETHERLANDS Koninklijke Nederlandse Schietsport Associatie - KNSA
  • NOR - NORWAY Norwegian Shooting Association - Norges Skytterforbund
  • POL - POLAND Polish Sport Shooting Federation - Polski Zwiazek Strzelectwa Sportowego
  • POR - PORTUGAL Portuguese Shooting Federation - Federacao Portuguesa de Tiro
  • POR - PORTUGAL Federacao Portuguesa de Tiro con Armas de Caca
  • ROU - ROMANIA Romanian Shooting Sport Federation - Federatia Romana de Tir Sportiv
  • RUS - RUSSIAN FEDERATION Russian Shooting Union
  • SLO - SLOVENIA Shooting Union of Slovenia - Strelska zveza Slovenije
  • SMR - SAN MARINO Federazione Sammarinese Tiro a Segno
  • SMR - SAN MARINO Federazione Sammarinese Tiro a Volo
  • SRB - SERBIA Serbian Shooting Sport Federation
  • SUI - SWITZERLAND Swiss Shooting Federation - Schweizer Schiesssportverband (SSV)
  • SVK - SLOVAKIA Slovak Shooting Federation - Slovensky Strelecky Zvaz
  • SWE - SWEDEN Swedish Shooting Sport Federation - Svenska Skyttesportförbundet
  • TUR - TURKEY Turkish Shooting - Hunting Federation - T
  • UKR - UKRAINE Ukrainian Shooting Federation
  • IRL - Irish Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
  • LUX - Federation Luxembourgeoise de Tir aux Armes Sportives
  • AND - ANDORRA Federacio Andorrana de Tir
  • KOS - KOSOVO Federata e Shenjëtarisë Sportive e Kosovës - Shooting Sport Federation of Kosovo
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Date Competition Discipline Country City
03.01.2016 - 06.01.2016 Swedish Cup 2016 R-P Sweden Sävsjö
08.01.2016 - 10.01.2016 20th Skirca Borisa Paternosta and Trzin Cup 2016 R-P Slovenia Trzin
14.01.2016 - 17.01.2016 GP of Pilsen 2016 R-P-RT Czech Republic Plzeň
14.01.2016 - 16.01.2016 6th Grand Prix of France R-P France Fleury-les-Aubrais
14.01.2016 - 17.01.2016 Grand Prix Plzen RT Czech Republic Plzeň
15.01.2016 - 17.01.2016 150 years Anniversary Competition JSB MATCH 2016 R-P Denmark Roskilde
15.01.2016 - 17.01.2016 22nd MST Ruše 2016 R-P Slovenia Ruše
22.01.2016 - 26.01.2016 MEYTON CUP TIROL R-P Austria Innsbruck
23.01.2016 - 23.01.2016 RIG2016 - Reykjavík International Games R-P Iceland Reykjavík
27.01.2016 - 30.01.2016 International Airgun Competition R-P Germany Munich
03.02.2016 - 06.02.2016 39th InterShoot 2016 R-P The Netherlands The Hague
05.02.2016 - 07.02.2016 European Cup / Training Camp RT France Lingolsheim
10.02.2016 - 14.02.2016 PANNONIA TROPHY 2016 R-P Austria Neusiedl am See
22.02.2016 - 28.02.2016 European Championship 10m R-P-RT Hungary Györ
07.03.2016 - 14.03.2016 The Cyprus Grand Prix T-DT-S Cyprus Nicosia
02.04.2016 - 02.04.2016 9th „APRIL 6th International Air Rifle competition“ Air Rifle Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
14.04.2016 - 16.04.2016 2nd INTERNATIONAL TROPHY RUNNING TARGET RT Italy Lecce
04.05.2016 - 08.05.2016 47th Grand Prix of Liberation R-P-RT Czech Republic Plzeň
06.05.2016 - 15.05.2016 International Shooting Competition of Hannover R-P Germany Hannover
13.05.2016 - 15.05.2016 Lapua European Cup 25m - The first qualification round CFP-SP Germany Hannover
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Date Competition Discipline Country City File
27.01.2016 International Airgun Competition R-P Germany Munich Results Book
13.11.2015 St. Martins Trophy 2015 R-P Croatia Beli Manastir Results Book
01.10.2015 EYL Final R-P Sweden Rottne/Växjö Results Book
25.09.2015 Lapua European Cup 25m Final P France Bordeaux Results Book
23.09.2015 Lapua European Cup 300m Final Croatia Zagreb Results Book
26.08.2015 Lapua European Cup 25m P Switzerland Thun Results Book
25.08.2015 Lapua European Cup 300m R Switzerland Thun Results Book
18.07.2015 European Championship 25, 50, 300m, Shotgun All Slovenia Maribor Results book
12.06.2015 1st European Games R-P-RT Azerbaijan Baku Results Book
11.06.2015 Lapua European Cup 300m, 25m R-P Finland Lahti Results book
11.06.2015 Lapua European Cup 300m, 25m R-P Finland Lahti Rifle Cup points after Finland
21.05.2015 Lapua European Cup 300m R Denmark Aarhus Results book
15.05.2015 EYL West region Qualification round R-P Austria Innsbruck Results book
01.05.2015 EYL North region Qualification round R-P Norway Mysen Results book
01.05.2015 EYL East Region Qualification round R-P Croatia Osijek Results book
02.03.2015 10m European Championship 2015 R-P-RT Netherlands Arnhem Results book
12.02.2015 5th Grand Prix of France 2015 Air Rifle & Air Pistol R-P France Fleury-les-Aubrais Results book
10.01.2015 International Air Gun Competition 19. Skirca Borisa Paternosta and Trzin Cup 2015 R-P Slovenia Trzin Results book
10.01.2015 International Air Gun Competition 19. Skirca Borisa Paternosta and Trzin Cup 2015 R-P Slovenia Trzin Results book
02.01.2015 Swedish Cup Air Guns 2015 R-P Sweden Sävsjö Results book
14.11.2014 St. MARTIN’S TROPHY R-P Croatia Beli Manastir Results book
21.10.2014 ISSF World Cup Final R-P-S Azerbaijan Gabala Results book
10.10.2014 European Cup 25m 2014 - The Final P France Bordeaux Results book
02.10.2014 EYL Final Round R-P Serbia Smederevo Results book
06.09.2014 51st ISSF World Championships All Spain Granada Results book
15.08.2014 Lapua European Cup 25 m P Sweden Uppsala Results book
14.08.2014 300m Lapua European Cup R Denmark Aarhus Results book
26.06.2014 Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol and 300m Rifle R-P Finland Lahti Results book
16.06.2014 European Championship Shotgun Shotgun Hungary Sarlóspuszta Results book
30.05.2014 European Cup 25m 2014 - The second qualification round P Aarhus Denmark Results book
21.05.2014 300m Lapua European Cup Zagreb R Croatia Zagreb Results book
16.05.2014 European Youth League East Region Qualification R-P Croatia Osijek Results book
16.05.2014 EYL West Qualification Round R-P Czech Republic Plzen Results book
02.05.2014 European Cup 25m 2014 - The first qualification round P Germany Hannover Results book
11.04.2014 EYL North Qualification Round R-P Latvia Dobele Results
26.02.2014 European Championship 10m R-P-RT Russia Moscow ECH 2014 Moscow Result Book
10.01.2014 20th International Air Rifle and Pistol Competition R-P Slovenia Ruše Results
09.01.2014 GP of Pilsen 2014 AR-P-RT Czech Republic Plzen Results
02.01.2014 Swedish Cup Air Gun 2014 R-P Sweden Savsjo Results
02.01.2014 PANNONIA TROPHY 2014 R-P Austria Neusiedl am See Results
15.11.2013 St. Martin Tournament 2013 R-P Croatia Beli Manastir - Baranja Result Book St. Martin's 2013
03.10.2013 European Youth League Final P-R Slovenia Laško EUROPEAN YOUTH LEAGUE FINAL 2013 Official Results
27.09.2013 European Cup 25m Final P France Saint-Jean-de-Marsacq RESULT BOOK PISTOLET 25M
26.09.2013 European Cup 300m Final R France Saint Jean-de-Marsacq RESULT BOOK CARABINE 300M
26.09.2013 European Cup 300m Final R France Saint Jean-de-Marsacq 300m Rifle Prone Women
26.09.2013 European Cup 300m Final R France Saint Jean-de-Marsacq 300m Rifle Prone Men
28.07.2013 European Championships (SG & RT) RT Germany Suhl ECH Suhl 2013 - Result Book
21.07.2013 European Championship 25/50/300m P-R Croatia Osijek EPSO 2013 - Result Book
28.02.2013 European Championships 10m P-R-RT Denmark Odense Result Book ECH 10m 2013 Odense
10.07.2012 European Championship Junior Italy Bologna ECH Bologna Result Book
17.05.2012 European Championship Shotgun SG Cyprus Larnaka European Championship Shotgun Larnaka 2012
14.02.2012 European Championship 10m All Finland Vierumäki Result Book ECH 10m 2012 Finland
31.07.2011 European Championhsip 10m All Serbia Belgrade Result Book ECH 10m 2011 Belgrade
01.03.2011 European Championship 10m All Italy Brescia Results ECH 10m Brescia 2011
25.06.2010 European Championship Shotgun SG Russian Federation Kazan Results ECH Shotgun 2010 Kazan
07.03.2010 European Championship 10m All Norway Meråker Results ECH 10m 2010 Meraker